Saturn in Aquarius: Coronavirus and the Disruption of Old Structures

Yesterday afternoon, I sat down and listened to Singapore Prime Minster Lee’s update on the measures that have been put in place to deal with the outbreak of Coronavirus in the island city-state. 

“From next Apr 7 until May 4, most workplaces – except for essential services and key economic sectors – will be closed. 

PM Lee on COVID-19 situation: Channel News Asia

One second you’re living life as per normal… the next second an unexpected and unforeseeable virus comes down on earth and literally stops the world in its tracks – forcing us to return to our homes, lock the doors and isolate ourselves to prevent the virus from spreading.

I’ve always believed that although we know the astrological transits that are coming – we cannot accurate predict the effect and impact that it will have on our lives. 

On 21 March 2020, Saturn exited Capricorn – and entered Aquarius. Every time the slow-moving planet changes signs, it signals a huge energy shift. Since Saturn is the principal (and rule maker) of the cosmos, Saturn’s transits inform us how society and the individual deal with structures. Saturn strips away structures that are pass their due date so that society may implement new ones to replace them.

“Saturn’s time in Aquarius will offer many fresh perspectives and avenues for making the changes that need to be implemented, but it won’t come without a lot of disruption to the current status quo.”

What Saturn in Aquarius Means for Your Future by Vice

Working remotely is nothing new. I’ve known lots of people who’ve been doing it for a long time with no major issues. When I first started my business Mith Books last year, I worked with a team from people from all over the world – each bringing a skillset that I couldn’t have found if I had focused my business strategy on the local market. 

The internet is nothing new either. A lot of the infrastructure that we are using to cope with the lockdown was discovered and implemented decades ago – but it wasn’t till a crisis came down that we were forced to rethink the way we’ve been doing things for a long time. 


As for me, I’m one of those people who is accustomed to having a day job where one goes to work and does things in line with established organisational structures. I’ve often thought that many of our modus operandi are outdated – but that doesn’t stop us from continuing to follow the status quo even if it is no longer necessary.

This has been a huge lifestyle change and mental adjustment for many of us. As I suddenly found myself at home unable to do very much at all – I readjusted and refocused my attention to what really mattered to me. It’s easy to get caught up in the rat race where we think that if we do what is expected of us that the future will magically work out. 

I don’t know how long it will take to get this pandemic under control. But till it does – it’s best we stay home, reflect on our lives and know that this too shall pass…

And when it does, it will be what it will be. 

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