In Loving Memory of Ratilal Mancharram

Dearest Dada, 

On 12 December 1977, you left this world. On this day of Pratipada Shradhha, I honour your memory and the life you lived on earth. You passed away a decade before I was born, but your teachings have come down to me through the stories and photographs of those who knew you before you even had a granddaughter. 

You taught me that business is not about money, but about creating value in this world through your work. You taught me, that competition is healthy as long as we do not step on someone’s stomach to get ahead. You taught me, to trust myself in making hard decisions. We should never allow others to mistake our compassion for weakness. You taught me that for all that one has been given, one must one day give back to society.

In a male-dominated world, you always revered the Great Mother: the one who brings life into this world. In a world that valued sons, you loved your daughters. 

I dedicate my debut novel, ‘The Little Light‘ to you. 

I cherish and treasure all that you have given me and ask for your blessings as my life’s journey continues on. 

Thank you, truly – for everything that you have done for this family. You, and your memory, will always live on in me. 

Your granddaughter,


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