I am the Page of Wands

Hello World, I am the Page of Wands. 

I am not afraid. I make decisions that no one else would ever dare make and I stand by them. Some think me foolish, others think me brave. Truth is – I don’t care what others think. I will not live my life by someone else’s rules. I will not live my life playing someone else’s game. 

I will chart my own territory. My own course. I will walk on that path that has never been walked because I am not afraid of the unknown.

I hate fear. I hate it when that voice of reason rears its ugly head and tells me what can’t be done. Where others see obstacles, I see opportunities. When most feel the unnerving unrest of the unchartered territory, I embrace life as a grand adventure of self-discovery where each failure brings me closer to my true self. Closer to my heart’s desire. 

It’s not that I don’t feel fear. Of course I do. I am human after all. But I won’t let that fear run my decisions. I won’t let it tell me which way to go. I will walk the road my heart tells me to walk, and I will walk that road till the very end. 

Perhaps some of the risks I undertook were foolish. Perhaps I didn’t think things through all the time. Perhaps I threw caution to the wind too soon and did all those crazy things that no one else would. 

But I did it and have no regrets. 

Do you?

How afraid most people are of their heart’s desire. How afraid most people are to grab it with both hands. How afraid most people are to take that chance and live their lives to the fullest.

But not me. I am a child of the element of fire. 

I go where my heart tells me. I walk that long lonely road. And I walk that road to the very end.