Bye Bye first Saturn Return in Sagittarius. Jupiter and Saturn: the two great teachers.

“If what you found was made from pure matter, it will never spoil. And you can come back one day. If it was just one moment of light, like the explosion of a star, you will find nothing on your return. But you would have seen an explosion of light. And that alone would already be worth the journey.”

-The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho 


I found myself thinking of this quote this morning on the bus. It’s a quote I think about whenever I wonder if things are going to last. Tomorrow, my Saturn Return ends. I’ve waited for this day for months now. It’s been a tough three years. I’ve had stuff happen to me that I wouldn’t even wish on my worst enemy. But through this process – my core has grown resilient. 

I am not the kind of person who’s just going to shrivel up and die. My Saturn Return taught me how to do that. How to survive. How to thrive. And how to create something from nothing.

Saturn and Jupiter are the two great teachers of the zodiac. Each planet at an extreme, but each trying to fulfil the same purpose – to teach us, to mould us and to enrich our lives so that we can be the best we can be. Many astrologers see these two planets as having an ‘unfriendly’ relationship, but I disagree. They’re both damn good teachers – they’ve just got a different teaching style. 

Jupiter teaches us through spirituality, discovery, intuition, optimism and all those other beautiful things that fire the imagination and leave us in a state of childlike wonder. Saturn, on the other hand, teaches us through hard work, dedication, discipline, regimentation, facing hard truths and never letting you waver from your goal – come what way. 

Saturn is about structure. Jupiter is about faith. Saturn is about austerity. Jupiter is about abundance. Saturn is about boundaries. Jupiter is about generosity. Saturn is about long term sustainability.

What Saturn gives you is made of pure matter. And Jupiter is that explosion of light. 

So what happens when the two great teachers of the zodiac get together? Initially, they argue. They bicker. They disagree on which style is best. But in the end – they put their differences aside and work with their respective strengths to create the best possible scenario. And that’s what I experienced. 

I will never forget all that I learnt the last three years. I couldn’t even if I wanted to. I promised myself that I would celebrate my Saturn Return in style and that’s exactly what I’ll be doing tomorrow night.

It’ll be another 30 years before Saturn come knocking again. Good thing we get a maximum of four returns in a lifetime. I don’t think most of us could handle anymore… It’s too much. The growing up. The growing old. The ageing wisely. But that’s the price we must pay for pure matter.

Yes. Pure gold. That’s what Saturn gave me. Pure gold.