Seven of Bows: clear out the useless

We must clear out the old, dated and worn out. 

If we don’t clear out the old,

nothing new can come in. 

We must choose our priorities,

and burn everything that does not serve us. 

We must focus on what we really need in our lives,

and build the legacy we’ll one day leave behind. 

We must clear out the useless.

The half-hearted friendships

The people who only stick around for a laugh or two

The people who take and never give

The people who offer nothing but pain

The people who cut you down

The people who kick you to the ground

The people who bring nothing to the table;

but ask for what they have not earned.

The worthless. The useless. The unworthy.

The people who stand in your path. 

The people who do not appreciate your gifts;

even though they show up empty-handed. 

They must all go. 

We must clear out the useless.

We must clear out the useless…