Why tarot can’t predict the future

The tarot cannot predict the future. The future is a splintered hologram of possibilities and probabilities that we decide to accept or change every second or our conscious and sometimes unconscious lives. In the final analysis, we are masters of our own destiny, and the Tarot shows us some of the inner and outer states and how we might best deal with a problem, avoid making a wrong move, build a new lifestyle or find a partner.

Asking a conscious question crystallises the inner, unconscious threads at the heart of any matter, but more than that, it sets in motion a whole new set of possibilities and probabilities because somewhere in yourself you already have the answer. You know what you could do. You know what you might do. But only the inner voice knows what you will do. The Tarot can give that voice a fair hearing but you alone can give it will.

-Mark Ryan in The Wildwood TarotΒ