Gentle Strength: Taming the beast within

You cool the heat in my veins with your tender words. It must be the way you smile at me with your eyes – all knowing, all seeing. I am but one of the many besotted by your charms. You know how to tame the most ferocious of beasts. It is in your gentle and coaxing ways. Even a weary heart like mine cannot help but surrender to your power. Around you, the beast that resides inside me disappears. It sticks out its tongue. It wants to play. 

Your eyes. Your smile. The way you are – it is more than I wished for. In your presence I am always safe. Secure. You never take me for a wild ride. And yet each moment with you is an adventure. When I am with you, I feel no fear. You taught me how to stand on my two feet in the world. You never gave me your strength. You made me see my own.

So I fearlessly took on the world. It kicked me to the ground. You were there to build me back up. Your unwavering compassion moves me each day. I no longer fear what happens out there, because I know I can always come back to you. You always make time for me, no matter how tiring the day. 

Everyone in your life is important to you. Your heart is big enough to make everyone feel like they matter. You saw my once shattered heart and taught me how to put it back together. When troubles filled my world, you didn’t worry. You told me I’d survive the madness. You said the only person I have to believe in is me. 

I never have to rely or depend on you – you’ve ensured that I’ll be fine without you. I respect you. I admire you. I never want to live without you. You nurture me. You inspire me. You bring out the best in me. You are amazing. Incredible. Beautiful. God sent. 

But I’m old enough and wise enough to know that you hurt sometimes. There are days I see it – the redness in your eyes. I know there are things that pain you. Worries that keep you up at night. Sometimes you even tell me you’ve had enough of it all. I know. I understand. We’re all human. It happens. You don’t have to be strong all the time. 


But you do what you do. You pull yourself together and smack on a fake smile till it’s real. You take what life throws at you in your stride – never straying from your core. Your silent strength is boundless. It never shouts. It never screams. But I know, it lays within. 

I thank God life brought us together. I can live without you, but I never want to. Keep smiling that pirate smile and taming the ferocious beast inside me. Even a weary heart like mine cannot help but surrender to your power. Around you, the beast that resides inside me disappears. It sticks out its tongue. It wants to play. 

Author: Dipa

Editor-in-Chief at Mith Books | Author of The Little Light and The Merchant of Stories

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